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 Handling of Precipitated Silica

Handling of Precipitated Silica


General Information
This information is intended to guide handler and to provide him necessary cautions to be observed during handling to the product.

Any fine dust particles when inhaled excessively leads to an overload to the respiratory tract which can cause disorder of this tract. Although the product contains silica but there is no report of Silicosis on the people handling the product. The reason behind is, that the product is amorphous in nature and not crystalline in nature. 
Generally when silica comes in contact with the skin it creates a feeling of dryness on the exposed part. In situation the handler should wash the product from the exposed part and apply some oil or cream to the skin.

Protection measures
Breathing mask
Hand glows
Safety goggles

First - Aid 
Once excessively exposed to the dust remove the exposed person from the dusty area and inhale fresh air.

Can be disposed of like harmless household waste.

It is generally observed that on humans if they inhale, come in contact with skin and mucous membranes are not harmed due this product. Incase if inhaled excessively a mechanical overloading of respiratory track may occur. 

As per Indian regulation occupational exposure limit is 10mg. Silica for every 8 working hours. If exceeding the above specified limit the handler is recommended to wear a dust mask. 

Precipitated silica are pure amorphous silicon dioxide which is ecologically harmless and inert in chemical sense. Precipitated silica is derived by precipitation from neutral silicate solution. Its is amorphous in nature. 

Health Effects
Supersil precipitated silica can absorb considerable oil or moisture. Persons who have had prolonged contact with the powder or dust can feel a drying effect on their hands or other exposed areas of the body. This drying action on the mucous membrane of the nose and throat has occasionally caused nosebleeds. Stopping the contact with the powder or dust permits the dry skin or mucous membranes to return to their normal condition.

To prevent skin drying of persons whose hands may come in prolonged or frequent contact with Supersil precipitated silica powder or frequent contact with tight-fitting wristlets is recommended. These gloves should be made of closely woven cotton fabric. They should be changed and washed frequently.

Synthetic Supersil precipitated silica powders are amorphous rather than crystalline silicas. Supersil precipitated silica products are not calcined during manufacture.

Handling and storage
Bags of Supersil precipitated silica are handled and stored the same as bags containing other inert materials.

Packaging and Shipping
Supersil precipitated silica are packaged with multi-wall paper bags which contain a moisture barrier to help stabilize the moisture content of the product. This is a major factor in achieving uniform rubber cure rates and assures our customers. Supersil precipitated silica bags can be unitized on expendable pallets for handling by forklift trucks

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